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My name is David and I am a chimney sweep based in Woldingham Surrey. I cover a wide area of Surrey, Kent and South London providing a sweep service for solid fuel heating appliances, including open fireplaces and solid fuel stoves and wood burners.  Having worked in the fire service for over 28 years, I have gained experience and understanding of the hazards associated with fire. 

Despite often being a prominent focal point in the room, it is easy to forget the hazards associated with using fire as a heating source in your home. I am more than aware that you are dependent on me to maintain your appliance for the safety of you and your family.  It is a role I take very seriously.

Chimney Sweep

I provide a rotary power sweep service for solid fuel heating, including open fire places and solid fuel stoves, such as coal or wood burners.  Keeping the chimney or flue clear of soot build up is essential for the safe use of your open fire or solid fuel burner.  If soot is allowed to build up in the chimney it can cause a fire hazard, or if it restricts the passage of smoke away from the fire, this can lead to the build up of Carbon monoxide.

A rotary sweep uses a drill to spin the brush to clean soot from the surfaces of the chimney or flue. If there is a build up of tar or creosote, firmer brushes can be used to tackle obstructions. A standard sweep will start at £75, which is usually sufficient for a maintained fireplace or wood burning stove.  Clearing blockages, such as bird nest removal, are also available at a sensible rate.   

All sweeps are completed with a smoke check.

Certificate of Sweeping

All sweeps include a Certificate of Sweeping which explains the outcome of your sweep for your personal and Insurance Records. This will detail the cleaning method used, details of the deposits recovered and removed, as well as the observations from an external inspection.

The certificate includes details of when the chimney will next be required to be swept again.  In most circumstances it is recommended that fires and stoves are swept annually. If house coal is used it should be swept twice a year and where wood is burned continually, such as in historic buildings, pubs, or if you are dependent on it as a main source of heating, this would require a quarterly sweep. 

Chimney Inspection

I carry specialist CCTV equipment to inspect the internal surface of the chimney from the fireplace to the chimney pot. This can provide a visual check for damage to linings or brickwork which are hidden within the chimney and inaccessible due to the height.  A written report can be prepared for insurance claim purposes and a digital file can be provided to view the inspection yourself.  

Prices for a general inspection with general observations recorded on the certificate start at £125 and can only be completed after a sweep has been carried out.  A full inspection with a written report is £340.  You are more than welcome to observe the camera inspection as it takes place.

Stove and Burner Servicing

Having the chimney swept keeps the fire working efficiently and also keeps you safe. Having a service can restore some of the original beauty of the appliance as well as removing deposits which build up in the harder to access parts of the appliance.  

A basic service will include the cleaning of the fire place, hearth and in the case of a stove, will include the bricks, and the glass.  Fire rope can be re-fixed or replaced as can cracked or perished fire bricks.  These are consumable items and over time these will deteriorate, reducing the efficiency and effectiveness of your appliance.

If more is needed, please share details before the appointment to ensure I am carrying the necessary parts. 

Contact me for an estimate

If I cannot answer, I am probably sweeping someone’s chimney.  I will get back to you when I am free.  Alternatively, you can send a text or WhatsApp message and I will reply.

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